Tis the season

20141221-084421.jpg Saturdays at our house are a mixture of chores, sports and movie night. This morning we got up and did chores, well mostly I said ” did you do xyz?” One of them wrapped himself up with rope (literally) and another one “said that’s a two person job” and asked me if I would help. The other one is a bit of a tornado, leaving things everywhere around the house in her wake. To her credit, she did her chores without complaining.

I then drove my youngest across town to work on a school project with another student in class. The mom in of this family is a friend of mine, so she sent me away for 45 minutes for a cup of coffee. Christmas carols and red Starbucks cups – lovely.

We drove across town to get the other kids and then to the south side of town to do our volunteer service of “bell-ringing”. We sang Christmas carols and froze our fingers and toes off but it was wonderful to be together in service to our neighbors and community.

Next, we went to my daughter’s volleyball game (which she rocked), then grocery shopping. The stores and parking lots were full with shoppers carrying packages for their loved ones. There were Christmas wreaths for sale as we entered the store, and peppermint bark on the shelf (yum).

As we came home and the kiddos put away the groceries with sweet enthusiasm, I was reminded how much I love this season. Sure I’m a tired mama sometimes, but when I look around me there is a lot of joy.

As I settled down with my knitting by the Christmas tree, I thought about this season, and mostly I thought about love. How much I am blessed to have in my life and how much I enjoy sharing it with others. That’s what this season is about. Love.

May your days and nights be filled with love. Tis the season.


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