I don’t think there will ever be a world with no loneliness, but someday I hope there will be more love.

A world divided that will be brought together with kindness. 

There is no magic answer that will eliminate fear and hatred from our world but we do have tools for good, like compassion and strength, if we choose to use them.

Mountains look tall from their base but the view is vast from the top. 

We are all climbers.

Some see only what surrounds them as they slog through their days, walking in circles and wondering why they never get anywhere.

Others for some reason look up, noticing beauty and becoming curious, they walk in that direction. 

Which climber will you choose to be?

The journey is only yours to take. The opinions of your friends and families don’t matter so much on this choice.

It’s not one decision but rather moment to moment choices that make our life.

Some of us may have been conditioned to look downward because of things that were said to us as children or a curveball that life has thrown in our direction. 

The truth is, love, kindness and a good ole sense of adventure are available to us all the time, we just have to look up. Listen, your heart will guide you.


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