Never again will I allow a man to treat me unkindly.

I will not cower or hide my truth.

I will not cry on the laundry room floor after he yells then leaves.

I will not permit I’m sorry over and over again and then another hurt to happen.

I will not stay.

I will run as fast as I can.

I will run from anger that is bottled up and thrown at me.

I will not look back.

Because I deserve more.

Kindness and love.

Not conditions and control.

I deserve freedom and trust.

And I will give love freely to someone who is ready for that.

Not now,

Now I will heal from these wounds.

And then,

I will rise

Like the sunrise on a new day.

Beautiful and clear,

With purpose and direction.

Because I am worthy,

I deserve respect,

I am a woman.


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