When love stops 

For a long time
Your love has carried me.
Over unseen hurdles,
Through winter storms and summer days,
Across boardwalks as the sun sets.

One day we choose to stop loving each other.
Not because our love went away,
But because the bridge we kept trying to build seemed to never reach each other.

And then you were gone.
My best friend, lover and confidant.

Now what?

I know the days will go on and the nights will stop being so hard.
But am I ok if you stop loving me?

You were the one to pick me up when I was down,
Dry my tears,
Celebrate my successes.

And now there is a big void named you.
Am I still lovable and sweet even if you aren’t telling me so?

I know the answer.
You would say a responding “yes”
and that I was being ridiculous for even asking.

And so, I will listen to you,
Until my own voice learns how to say kind things,
Until I don’t miss you as much,
And the sun sets in deep reds and vibrant purples and I know,
Just know,
That I am ok no matter what.


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