How powerful you are

Tonight the coolest thing happened, I watched my son get a taste of how powerful he is.

The bases where loaded, the other team was up by two. My kiddo stepped up to the plate and slammed the ball right down the middle to center field. He got 2 runners in to tie the game that we then won. I will never forget the look on his face. It’s like something right then changed. He recently decided to try harder, he went to the batting cages to practice, he has been working hard. And then tonight, he hit it out of the park. The coach gave him a high five, his friends were ecstatic and his mom lost her voice from screaming.

I will never forget that moment for as long as I life. The moment I watched my son believe in himself, follow through and learn how capable he is.

Do you have a moment like that? When you got a taste of your own power-fullness and strength?

I have a couple of moments that take my breathe away like that.

When I was 20, I hiked the to bottom of the Grand Canyon and then back out again. I remember vividly, hiking half the day to reach the Colorado river. It was brown and fast moving in the canyon. As I sat down beside it to drink my water, I turned back to see where I had come from. My eyes widened and the look of shock must have been evident because someone commented, “yep, that’s where we are headed”. It was the top of the world I swear, 7,000 feet elevation gain…on foot. I didn’t cry, although that would have been an appropriate choice. I just tightened the laces of my hiking boots and started walking…and walking…and walking. After forever, I reached the top. I noticed the sign that advised against hiking to the bottom and back up in one day – I high-fived that sign.

I made it. I couldn’t believe it. I looked down at the mighty Colorado River, winding through the sunset colored rocks and said a little thank you for save travels.

Every once and awhile, it’s good to remind yourself how capable you are. Not in a big ego kind of way, but rather in a truth-telling way. We can get so busy with work and kids and to do lists in this world.

Go outside and play. And remember how powerful you are.


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