Being in the moment – even when it stinks

It’s a beautiful Saturday in the Pacific Northwest. As I awoke from a restless sleep, I thought about the “to do” list for the day. I pulled the covers back over my head. Maybe I can avoid it all by hiding I thought to myself. Then as usual, I heard the sweet voices of three little humans in the other room. They were finished with Saturday morning cartoons and were beginning to plot out the adventures for the day. Cards were being shuffled, someone was going to get the little calico critters to play with.

What’s that like I thought to myself. Waking up without responsibilities and just being able to just play and enjoy the day.I can’t remember the last time that happened, seriously I can’t. I guess it’s that I work full time and then on the weekend I clean up from the week and then it starts all over again.  Yes, I’m a single mom so that means I do it all, but my married friends have similar problems too.

There has to be a way to have more fun!!

I gave the kids their chore lists this morning. One kid is adding more chores to his list, another is already at it, and the third looked out the window for a long time and finally said, “Mom, it’s so beautiful outside and we are going to spend the day doing chores?” To which I said, “Sweetie, the way Mom’s brain works is that we get the stuff we have to do done and then we have the rest of the day to play.” As I said that, I sort of agreed with myself but also, I looked at my list and there is no play in sight for me anyways. Ugh.

So, as usual when I need to think something through I sit down to write. It’s not like there is a partner here to talk about this with. That would certainly help because then at least we could split it all! But, that’s not in the cards right now. So, how do we add more fun?

I don’t know. I’m up for ideas.

Maybe part of it is not hating chores and just being in the moment as we wash dishes, change sheets, fold laundry. Instead of thinking of it as something we have to slog through and THEN we can have fun. Maybe it’s putting music on, chasing a kid around the house with a towel, maybe it’s just about engaging with what is. Not just with the “fun” stuff. Man, with the amount of responsibilities we all have in our lives these days, we could be spending most of our life unhappy if we are waiting for it to get fun. Instead, if we add a pinch of laughter, a dash of silly and smidge of spontaneity the dreary stuff turns into just more life and maybe a bit of fun at the same time.

So, I’m off to attack the vacuum with my son and some pliers, make lentil soup in the crockpot. Here’s the recipe in case you would like it

I would highly recommend adding a dash of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars to your chores, and then go outside and PLAY!


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