Gratitude – a tool in the toolbox of life

gratefulIt never ceases to amaze me what happens with a little gratitude. Tonight, as I was reflecting on my weekend I thought to myself how thankful I am for my children, they are truly amazing human beings. I glanced at a beautiful plant that is abundantly growing, I gave thanks for it’s growth and for the sweet friend that gave us the plant. I thought about my mom and how lucky I feel to have such a lovely and caring mom and friend in her. As I write this, my knitting is sitting on the coffee table next to me, an ongoing labor of love the this close to completion.

I could notice that I’m tired, or ate too many nachos at the baseball game today, or that my to do list is unreasonable tomorrow.

Or, just by taking a moment to look around my life, I an be reminded of how much I have to be grateful for. This is a practice I have been developing for years. I talk with my kids about gratitude often. How in each moment, we have a choice of how we will view the world. It’s like we have our own private kaleidoscope, and we can turn it a variety of ways – towards the past, future, loss or towards gratitude.

Having lived this life for a few years now, I know that for me gratitude an essential tool in my toolbox for life. I have few others in the toolbox, like laughter, responsibility, independence, mama bear protection, and kindness. They all seem to work together well in creating this space called life.

Gratitude more the other attributes seems to be my trusted friend and ally. When I am down, or I’ve had a set back of some kind, I turn to what I can be grateful for. Does it work in every moment? No. But eventually, it works and shows me that no matter what the situation looks like, I have a lot to appreciate.

What tools make up your life toolbox? What are you grateful for today?



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