What would your superpower be?

Superhero kid

Superhero kid

We had a great conversation at the dinner table tonight. My son asked me if I had superpowers. I said yes, of course. I told him I had a variety such as eyes that see in the back of my head, the ability to hear a kid sneaking into a bag of potato chips from across the house, and never-ending energy – for starters.

He asked me if I had to pick just one superpower, what would it be. I pondered that for a moment and then said, I would choose the ability to turn hate into love. I mean really, what life problems would that not solve? We would have less homelessness because more people would share their big dwellings, racism would become a thing of the past, judgement and greed would just go away. That would definitely be my superpower.

The conversation continued, one of my kids would have the power to fly, another the power to build things instantly, and yet another would be able to harness the powers of nature. We are a pretty awesome superpower family. Together we are unstoppable! The powers of good will prevail in the world.

What would your superpower be?


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