Cinderella for a night 

 Once upon a time there was a woman, who loved her community very much. She worked for education for all, resources for those without, and hope when it seemed to be lost.

She worked to do this for many long years. One day, she decided to invite the neighbors and community members to a big party. To show them about the great things happening but also to inspire them to get involved and help out.

She lived in a small town and needed to find the perfect dress to host this big party. She must have gone to 20 stores and found nothing. She was starting to lose hope, the event was a week away.

And so she went to the local dress shop called Cinderella’s closet, where you can rent a dress. She was not fond of this idea but was running out of options. Her daughter came along to help. They went to the red section and her daughter picked out a goregous dress   that she would never wear. Nevertheless, her daughter – wise beyond her years – encouraged her to put it on and it was PERFECT!

The evening of the big gathering came and our hero in her $40 rented dress took the stage and shined. The evening turned out to be truly magical, raising over $486,000 to support education. She was over the moon!! 

As the evening came to a close, she sipped her Reisling, celebrated success and reflected on how thankful she was for this special evening and this magical dress!


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