The best team ever pulls together 

 I have the hardest working team on the planet. They go above and beyond all of the time, all in service to the students we serve.

Currently we are down a staff member and I have never seen them pedal faster. How do you thank people authentically and keep their moral up when there is way more work to do than is possible?

I don’t know but I’m on a mission to find out.

I brought them cookies and coffee last week and in general whenever I can. I write them notes of appreciation and bring them swag from meetings or dessert. Truly they are the team that keeps the wheels of this truck on the road. 

The last couple of days when I have given them projects, their eyes have glazed over like  the the yummy stuff on donuts fresh out of the fryer. They have smiled less. That’s no good. 

I know it’s temporary and I have set up weekly team meetings, a retreat and a clear direction but still, I hate to see them struggling. Right now I’m hoping that appreciation and compassion will be enough.

They will all have a note of gratitude when they open their emails in the morning. I wish I could do more but I will keep plugging along and believing in them.  Hopefully, the students we serve will be better off because of this team’s dedication. Together we will get through this tough time, persevere and be stronger on the other side. 


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