I came across this list this morning and found it to be a great reminder. It was Monday morning, I was sending work emails at 6:45am. The kids were up and asking if they can watch a show while eating breakfast. My list for the day was full and my schedule, back to back meetings.

This list, what a great reminder. Life is so precious and I at least can get going so fast that I forget to do one thing at a time.

As if on que, my son opened the fridge to put the milk away, while holding the iPad and talking to me. Because he wasn’t watching what he was doing, he knocked over the half and half and it poured all over the floor. After I said “don’t cry over spilt milk buddy!”,  I told him about this list I read this morning and how it (and his little example this morning) served as a great reminder to slow it down and appreciate the moment.

Did I remember this throughout the day? Not super well, but awareness is a great first step! May this list bring you peace in your busyness, and kindness in your bustle. And maybe someday with practice, we won’t need a list to remind us because we will learn to appreciate the little things and find our own type of Zen.


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