Oh my heart 

Today is a recovery day after many nights of work this week. A grand opening, dinner with co-worker, reception and Artist and Lecture performance, and a biker themed auction. 

Mama is toast and ready for some self care. In addition to all the busyness this week, last night I realized I had gone down a road in my fantasyland and it looked pretty shiny but last night, I was reminded that it is just a fantasy. 

I am pretty sad. It probably doesn’t help that I’m still working through my last breakup either. So… I’m dealing with the feelings of that today. I had a good cry in the shower, the grocery store parking lot and I’ve got the baseball hat pulled way down low so no one can see my puffy eyes. 

One of the hardest parts of all of this is, I have some much love to give and I just want to share it with someone special. Someday I know I will find a love that is not so complicated. Someday I will find the right fit for me, someone who loves me like a deserve. 

Right now I will listen to Adele on repeat until I get all of the hurt out. And then I will refocus my priorities towards more joy, this season of thanksgiving and the people that do care about me. 

Here’s to living with an open heart, no matter how many times it gets hurt. I believe in love and always will. 
Adele Make you feel my love


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