It’s gonna be ok 

 It was a tough weekend around these parts. 1 tired, overextended mom, 3 sweet and full of energy kids, 1 sleepover, 3 squealing teenage girls, 1 Nerf battle, and 7 horses.

It started with the mom (the heroine in this story) working 60 hours, having a quasi breakup with her fantasy guy, and a lot of feelings to deal with about love. Now most of the time, our heroine, looks all shiny and ready to take on the world, but in this case she had the no makeup, puffy-eyed look – not glamorous but real. Those feelings lasted a solid day/night. With some words of wisdom from good friends, she was able to stop licking her wounds.

Nothing like the joy of three of the sweetest young women to pull you out of your funk. These smart, funny, 13 year old girls and their giggles…priceless. They slept over (well eventually), and then we all went on a trail ride for my daughter’s birthday.

The drive to the forest was long and rainy but I had warm coffee and a new friend to discuss feminism and parenting with. We arrived at the stables to 7 goregous horses, and 2 super strong farm women. We picked our favorite horses, mine was named Kitty, my daughter’s was Cherokee. We saddled up and off we went in the forest. We lucked out on the weather it was supposed to pour but instead the rain just kissed our noses from time to time as we traveled through lush rain forests and traversed hillsides. It was more fun than I have had in a long time. 

After a couple of hours, we came back the stable and the owners let us each pick out a handmade scarf to take home.

This day reminded me of many things, how much I love the outdoors, how much I love my daughter and her sense of adventure. How strong women are – from farm women to stay at home moms who are teaching the next generation of women.

As the the day came to a close with bubbling soup, cozy kids and books, I got off the phone with a dear a friend and thought – we all come from different backgrounds and yet we are all woven from the fabric. A strong thread of sisterhood that you can always count on, especially when you need someone to remind you, it’s gonna be ok.


One thought on “It’s gonna be ok 

  1. You are such a beautiful. deep, dimensional being! A beautiful spiritual sister in the form of a “daughter” in this life. May the blessings that you are continue to flow and return to you in abundance. May the showers of light from God’s love for you continue to be uplifting and renewing and may his great peace ever reign in your heart and your world. May the angels of protection, illumination, love, purity, healing, service and transformation ever surround, enfold, bless and uplift you. Loving you, Mom

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