The Point 


This place. We call it The Point. I don’t know it’s real name. The Point has witnessed a lot in the last few years. It’s seen lovers laughing in the sun, herons searching for lunch, arguments with people in business clothes, and tears for ships that have sailed away. All the while, The Point doesn’t judge, just stays consistent in her compassion and beauty. 

As I sit here today on my first day off in forever, while I notice a mix of emotions mostly, I feel content. Content in the knowing that no matter what happens, what storm arises, who comes in or out of my life, I have beauty in my life. I have this place and the memories that go with it. I have the compassion and beauty that this place reminds me of, it’s inside me and I can tap into that anytime. 

It’s taken me a long time to figure that out. I still forget but at least now I know – all of this beauty I admire outside resonates with me because it’s a reflection of my inner beauty. It feels sorta funny or arrogant to say that out loud but it’s true. We all have an inner beauty that is more beautiful than the best view we have ever seen. 

The next time you sit and look at a sunset or the autumn leaves or your child’s face – remember you are that beautiful too. That, my friends, is The Point. 


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