Gratitude – Day 1 – Care for others 

I love the month of November. It’s fall and beautiful and it hosts my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving.

I’ve decided to write each day leading up to Thanksgiving about gratitude. Each day I will give thanks for one special thing in my life, today it’s “The Momelette”. 

I few years ago my sweetheart at the time asked me if I he could make me an omelette one morning. I said, “sure!!”. Little did he know that this small act of kindess is like the holy grail for a single mom. 

He added all kinds of veggies, colors, spices and eggs as I sipped coffee and snuggled my chin over his shoulder to watch. He was a magician, whipping and stirring and sprinkling. I was in awe. 

Soon this heaping delight was on a plate in front of me. I took a bite and warmth and care filled me from head to toe. I remember looking across the table at him, as my eyes welled up with love. I remember thinking I couldn’t remember the last time someone had shown me caring in this way. I am usually the short order cook and dishwasher, this was magic. 

It’s been a few years since that sweet moment. He made me many omelettes over the years, so many in fact that he nicknamed it “The Momelette”. I have wonderful memories of our mornings.

Our relationship ended last year dispite our best efforts to make it work. 

This morning I made myself a Momelette and thought about this sweet man, his caring for me and how he brought spice into my life. He taught me how to make a Momelette and today, I made some for my kiddos as I said a quiet “Thank You”. I am thankful for the kindness, caring and love symbolized in a delicious Momelette. 


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