Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from the witch, the spy, they King of the forest and Rosie the Riveter! 

Another Halloween arrived this year followed by daylight savings time. Parents of the world unite, to make sure that ever happening again – my kids were up late and then awake at the crack of dawn! 

We had a good time last night though. My daughter went with her pack of middle school friends. They were all members of the Wizard of Oz cast, very cute (I mean cool – apparently we don’t say cute in middle school).

The king of the forest, the spy and I met up with friends and walked around the hood trying to find the biggest candy bar. The neighborhood was packed as usual. It had been dumping rain all day and then at trick or treat time, the rain just stopped. Hallejulah. 

There were tons of parents with coffee mugs, most of them filled with wine, or some kind of alcoholic beverage. My friends were drinking fireball whisky. I enjoyed my hot chocolate as we walked around.

Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays. I struggle with it having little meaningful goodness compared to my favorites like thanksgiving. The pumpkin carving and roasting pumpkin seeds is a fun tradition. 

We all came home and the kids dumped out their loot and traded. They kindly paid the mommy tax of any dark chocolate.  Love these kids!! 

As I went to bed, I was thankful for another Halloween in the books, and now we get to enter my favorite season, the season of thanksgiving! If you love Halloween or if you put up with it like me on the way to Thanksgiving – Happy Halloween to you and yours!!


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