Gratitude – Day 2- Honesty 

  Today I am grateful for honesty. The kind that comes from the middle of your gut. The kind that it hurts to hear when you have messed up and someone calls you on it. The kind that breaks your heart when someone says they don’t want to be with you. 

This type of honesty is authentic, painful, raw and so important. So many people, me at times included, go through life distracted by all of the to dos, and shiny new things. It takes quiet and a focus on mindfulness to really get honest with yourself and then eventually others. 

If I’m honest, I get lonely as a single mom. I try to make it all look shiny but there are times when it’s just hard. Not bad, just hard. In those moments I want someone to have my back, a man that thinks the world of me and wants to spend time sharing their love with me. I don’t have that at the moment and sometimes it sucks. I have other people who have my back absolutely, but it’s not the same thing. While this honest realization isn’t rosy, it is useful. Because from this this place of knowing what I want, I can move forward with the intention of love in my life. 

Another thing about being a single mom is you get honest and real real quick, well at least I did. Honest about priorities, money, not getting invited to couple parties, tiredness and honest about the straight up strength that it takes to be this women, this loving mom everyday.

So today I am thankful for honesty. The courage it takes to be honest and the beautiful things that grow from the space of being real. 


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