Gratitude – Day 3-  Love 

  Love. What a multifaceted word. 

If you asked me a few years ago to describe love, I would have said the warm feeling that radiates through you, bringing joy into your life.

I would still defind it that way but add a few things. It turns out love is also letting someone you love go because it’s what they need to do. It’s waking up in the middle of the night, putting your toes on the cold floor and finding quarters because you forgot to be the tooth fairy. Love is a friend coming over for a walk when you need someone to talk too. It’s the snuggles of a child. It’s the bubbles in your bath after too long of a day. 

Love is one of the most remarkable feelings in the world. When I love someone, I have a bounce in my step, I think about the person I love and it feels like rays of sunshine are gleaming in their direction. 

When I feel their love in return, I feel more courageous, like Wonder Woman, able to take on the world because they love me.

Love isn’t always rosy or convenient. It’s not happily ever after, sometimes it’s even watching a loved one having a hard time and loving them and believing in them anyways.

Love is the warmth within us that we can share with the world and feel reflected back to us. It’s what makes roses smell sweet and the moon shine brightly for lovers.

Today I am grateful for love. For the warmth, radiance, tenderness, courage, and hope it brings into my life. 


One thought on “Gratitude – Day 3-  Love 

  1. Thanks, Tanya, for your beautiful words! I read once, “Wherever gratitude is, love is soon to follow.” No wonder you are so full of love! Thanks for blessing our lives!

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