Gratitude – Day 7 – The Rain 

 Today as I awoke, it was raining outside. It does that a lot where we live in the Pacific Northwest and I love it.

I love the rain. Some days it’s a welcome friend that reminds me to slow it down a bit and enjoy the wet embrace from above. 

My kiddos love the rain too. Sometimes they will take an umbrella outside and just sit. They all have rubber boots and at 13, 11 and 8 they still love to jump in puddles, me too. 

As the sky pours nourishment to the earth, it reminds me to nourish myself with love, good food, quality time, quiet and writing. 

This morning my warm coffee steams as the rain gently comes down outside, giving me this cozy moment of wonder. 

Today I am grateful for the rain. For its grace, nourishment and the reminder it brings to shower myself and the world with love. 


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