Gratitude – Day 9 – our Ancestors 


Today I had the honor of witnessing a sacred ceremony honoring a partnership built to support students. At our college we host a Native Students Day where 150 native youth come for the day and experience – A day at College. Three of our local tribes have been involved in helping us plan this event from top to bottom. 

Today, we had the honor of being presented with a special blanket and drums from the tribes. These sacred gifts had been blessed by the elders, and handed to us in friendship. As one of the elders said a blessing today, I could feel generations of those who walked before us blessing us as well. 

We hung the blanket in our Student Union Building for everyone to enjoy.

Our President accepted these gifts and then spoke. He spoke about our thankfulness for the land that our college rests on, and how we are careful stewards of this land because it doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to the tribe and we are simply borrowing it. He spoke to our partnership and commitment to educating our youth, especially underserved populations like our native students. As his presentation came to a close, he shared that our gift will be giving scholarships to several of the students who attend the Native Students Day. This will act as a symbol of our commitment to educate future generations. And so the circle goes… from ancestors… to us… to future generations.

Today I am grateful for the wisdom of our elders, our ancestors who have paved the way  for us today, and for the blessing we shared today honoring future generations. 


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