Gratitude – Day 10- My Daughter 

My daughter turned 13 this year. It seems like yesterday she was crawling around on the floor with tiny red pigtails.

She is a bright light this one. She has great friends, she loves horses. She does her homework on time. She is very sensitive and picks up on how people are feeling easily. 

I love watching her grow. 13 has been a bit more of a challenge but she is working through it. She is very head strong and has clear opinions about life. This will serve her somday. My work seems to be about fostering  her uniqueness and encouraging her voice and not trying to squash it because it isn’t  “convenient”. 

It’s tough being a parent to a teenager sometimes. She both doesn’t want to listen to me because she wants to be her own independent person, and she loves her mom so she’s trying to find words to express her independence without hurting my feelings. It’s a fine line I am watching her walk, trying to juggle new emotions, and the rightness of growing into a remarkable young lady. 

She has so many gifts and the strength to persevere through life’s challenging moments. Watching her grow continues to be one of my life’s joys.

She is growing into a kind, fun, hilarious, intelligent, caring young woman. I am so proud to be her mother.

Today I am grateful for my beautiful daughter. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Shine little star, go for it!


One thought on “Gratitude – Day 10- My Daughter 

  1. May this cup of gratitude from your heart go out as a ray of light to all mother’s with daughters, encouraging them to magnify the God reality within the “children” that have come to them. May this piercing mother light penetrate through the shadows they encounter growing up and hold fast to the brilliance of who they truly are, and by holding this “immaculate concept” for them, to play a part in helping it manifest,. May the children, and young adults of this world, feel the empowerment of mothers seeing who they truly are, as they discover and bring forth their amazing treasure house of gifts they have come
    to bring into this world.

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