Gratitude – Day 11 – Being Grumpy 

  Good morning. You might think being grateful for being grumpy is kinda odd, but let me explain.

This season has been very full, 2 kid birthdays, a huge fundraiser, many, many evening events. Today is the first day in forever that I feel like I have a break, a day off. The kids have a day off today too. 

Originally, I was envisioning us all cozy on the couch with a movie, taking a hike together, exploring some fun new restaurant downtown. As it turns out, I was on the phone with the car repair and rental car place first thing this morning. I have been my children’s social secretary this morning, trying to figure out who is swimming, playing basketball etc today. 

The grumpiness is from clearly needing a break and not knowing how to navigate that this morning. I actually think this moment’s tantrum is a good thing. Not super fun, but good. It’s me coming up against a boundary and saying, “nope, no more for a minute”. 

As I was grumbling this morning, someone dear to me reminded me that I have a lot to be grateful for. Yes, I do. (Thanks for the reminder). And, it’s ok to have time just for me. To regenerate. To deeply breathe in the outside air. To snuggle my kids. And to take care of me.

So as I go about this day, my morning tantrum will be a gentle reminder that self care is on the agenda. 

Today I am grateful for being grumpy, as weird as that sounds. For the reminder, that I need some RnR and that’s ok. 


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