Gratitude – Day 12 – small miracles 

This day started off in grumpytown. Tired kids and a tired mom. As the day went on however, many beautiful things transpired.

My youngest son and I went to go get a rental car after the “deer incident”. I expected a tiny car because that’s what I could afford. When we arrived, they gave us a choice between a tiny car and this thing…

 We choose the big one. It’s like a tank! It has a rear view camera, the kids can change the radio from the backseat, it’s amazing. I even had to go to Costco to see how much stuff I could fit in the back, hint: a lot. 
After a basketball session with Grampa, we all went out to Thai food for lunch. At a place my daughter recommended from their field trip yesterday, yum. 

I talked the kids into walking the lake with me (which was a miracle) on a beautiful sunny fall day. 

As I’m snuggled up with the kids watching a movie this evening, I’m feeling some much needed rest and relaxation.  

I am grateful for this day and the many small miracles that filled this day. 


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