Gratitude – Day 14 –  My Oldest Son 


This remarkable young man turned 11 this year. He is my human encyclopedia. He loves information, inventions, solving global warming, drawing comic books and building masterpieces with Legos. 

He is full of facts and knowledge, he is fasinated by space and the stars. And he is way funny and a goofball sometimes too. 

He loves the rain, and will sometimes sit outside with an umbrella just to be close to the rain. 

As I reflect on my gratitude for this beautiful boy, my heart is warm. When I was pregnant with him, I was a little nervous about having a boy. I grew up as an only child and wasn’t quite sure what to do with a little guy.

Don’t worry, he taught me. He taught me to play catch and scream loudly at his baseball games. He taught me about trucks of all kids, construction and Legos. He taught me to laugh so hard I cried, and how to bandage many a scraped knee.

Today I am thankful for my oldest son, for teaching me how to be a boy’s mom, and for bringing more joy than I could imagine into my life. 


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