Gratitude – Day 15 – Rest

Now, I love a good nap like the next gal but “resting” is not a common word in my vocabulary. 

I picked up a cold from a coworker this weekend. I know just who it was. She was the one with the tissue box in the meeting. She knows who she is and I’ve teased her tremendously.

So on Sunday, I didn’t leave the house. I drank tea, I “rested”, I watched TV, etc. About 1/2 the way through the day, I actually started to like it. I took the worlds longest bath with bubbles up to my nose. As I soaked, I just let myself enjoy the moment. I am such a doer. I love to strive, achieve, encourage and go. Resting is a skill I am still learning. I actually love it and it’s so good for me when I do it. Here’s to learning to rest, it’s a beautiful skill. 

As I snuggle into bed, I am thankful for my body’s wisdom and for taking its advice, to rest. 


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