Gratitude – Day 16 – Generosity 

Tonight was our annual scholarship reception. 400 guests, 1/2 scholarship recepients, the other 1/2 donors. 

It was a blustery, wet evening in Olympia with weather alerts warning us of flooding and heavy winds. And yet, out came all of these people to celebrate generosity in our community.

As the Executive Director of the Foundation, my role is to welcome everyone, thank our guests, and emcee the evening. The cold I’m packing was an interesting addition, my frog voice and I did okay, thankfully.

We gave out $380,000 in scholarships this year because of the incredible generosity of our donors. Generosity comes in so many ways. It’s the generosity of spirit from the volunteer photographer who stayed late to help us clean up. It’s my children, my mom and my dad who cleared plates and garbage so we could go home. It’s the volunteer who helped put together all of the centerpieces. It’s the little sister who saved the big sister in the story of overcoming abuse we heard tonight. It’s the $15,000 and the $5 given from the heart.

As I was on stage this evening, I took a moment to look out at the crowd, I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. 

We all have something to give. Tonight I’m thankful for generosity, and the many ways it brightens our lives.


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