Gratitude – Day 19 – Faith

Today was one of those days. A day where at one point  I surrendered and asked for help.

It started with three tired kids and a tired mom. We were out late last night at a basketball practice and choir concert. 

All three of the kids had meltdowns about different things, leading me to braid hair, choose clothes for the day, find missing socks, etc. 

My daughter had volleyball after school and wanted to ride the city bus with her friends, so we navigated that. My boys were arguing in the way to school so we navigated that, and then got hot chocolate together to build some good positive time together. 

After I dropped everyone off, I ran from one meeting to the next while walking and responding to work emails and one from a teacher who had one of my kids crying at recess. I sat down to have lunch with some coworkers when the school called and my kid wasn’t feeling well. 

I picked up my lunch, grabbed my stuff, picked up my kid, canceled my 1pm meeting, drove across town, checked him out, tucked him in, made him 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, while calling my parents to ask if the could pick up the other kids because our babysitter texted that they have the stomach flu. 

I talked to our accountant while I snuggled my kiddo, preparing for the finance committee meeting in the afternoon and revisions of the operating budget. 

My kiddo was feeling better so I snuggled him in on the couch with books until Grama and sister got home and went back to work. 

As I drove away, my stomach was hurting, no doubt from stress. I bought a coffee and sipped it slowly as I drove to work. 

I parked the car and I just sat. I let the world, responsibilities, stress, challenges, etc all fade away for a moment and I said, “Dear God, I could use your help.”

I walked into work, had several meetings including the finance committee meeting with our investment company from Seattle, and they went beautifully. Great conversations, about complicated subjects and no stomach hurting. 

As I sent a couple of emails before I went home, my Dad texted and offered to bring over takeout, I said yes!

As I tuck myself into bed tonight, I am grateful for the miracle of today. I have no idea how it all worked out, but somehow it did. I am grateful for faith, and for knowing that grace is available to me anytime, I just have to remember to ask. Seriously, I am grateful for faith. 


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