Gratitude- Day 20 – Giving Back 

Our family has a tradition of volunteering in a variety of ways throughout the year. Some times we are bell ringers for The Salvation Army, other times we pull ivy at a local park. 

One of my favorite traditions is volunteering at the food bank the week before Thanksgiving. 

Today, we were all really tired from a long week. We defrosted the car anyways and went to volunteer. It turns out there are 600 volunteers in two locations today making 500 Thanksgiving boxes so that everyone can have a Happy Thanksgiving. 

We made an assembly line of green beans, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin and more. The kids jumped right in and got to work. As we filled the boxes, at one point my 13 year old daughter said, this is fun! 

We were done in record time because of all of the helping hands. 

On the way there and on the way home, we talked about how fortunate we are and that with that, we have a responsibly to give back. 

Today I am thankful for volunteers who pour their heart into giving back. And for this little slice of love shared from my family to others.

May everyone have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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