Gratitude -Day 22 – Being single 

Love at forty-something is a bit different. You are balancing work, kids, life and then if you are divorced like me, there is this whole single  thing. 

I dabbled in online dating a few years ago and the dates were, what’s the word… Entertaining and foder for a book someday but no real potential. 

I had a relationship that lasted for few years, but that came to an end last year.

So now what? I’m supposed to be dating according to the people in relationships that I know. They all have someone they want to set me up with. But I’m not ready. Maybe because my heart is still somewhere else or because I’m just not into it. 

I’m actually starting to like my own company and being single. That in itself is a miracle. Sure there are times when I would love to get wrapped up in my sweetie’s arms, but mostly I’m good. 

I have a rich life with three active and wonderful kids, a job I love and hobbies like writing that bring me joy. I heard once that all we can hope for is a few good friends and a work we enjoy. In that sense, I’m doing pretty good. 

So, I bet someday love will come knocking on my door in a season when it feels right.

Today I am grateful for being single and learning to love my own company. I feel blessed and surrounded by love. And that is more than I can ask for. 


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