Gratitude – Day 23 – My Dad

My Dad. What a big heart this guy has. He has always been a helper. After spending 25 years as a psychologist, now he is finding new ways to help that bring him joy – mostly helping his grandkids.

Today he took my youngest son to practice basketball. Not only is he teaching him how to play, he is doing it with a hurt hand. He makes runs to Costco for us all the time, because I can’t stand that place.

He is bringing over tools to fix things tomorrow, and is helping us get our Christmas tree on Saturday.

A few years ago when I got divorced and my dad really came through for us. When my ex moved, we had very little. My dad moved up from Arizona, bought a big house for us to share and became a very involved Grampa. It wasn’t always easy, but his care for us has always been clear. Family is a huge priority for my dad.

Today, I am very grateful for my Dad for his kindness and generosity. For his willingness to step up as a Grampa and really be there for my kids. Thanks Dad.


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