Gratitude – Day 25 – Nature

 Do you ever take a walk and just marvel and the beauty that surrounds you? 

Yesterday, my daughter and I went for a walk and we did just that. It was freezing outside but the sky was open and clear, the air, crisp and fresh. 

As we talked, I noticed the sight fog hanging in clumps in the distance, as if protecting the farmhouse in a low lying cloud hug. The tiny red berries on the otherwise barren tree, hanging on ready for spring. 

Geometric designs sparkled on the ice as we walked by, their grand designs melting slightly, getting ready for the next show as it cools down for evening. 

Birds gracefully glide overhead, dancing a choreographed delight of ease and freedom. 

Moments like these show us the magic that surrounds us. All we have to do it remember to look. To open our eyes to the wonder and gifts that life shares with us without asking for anything in return. We have free admission to the most spectacular exhibits of beauty. We are blessed to be allowed to witness this symphony of nature unfolding before our eyes.   Today I am grateful for the magic of nature. How it displays it’s colors, shapes and designs with such grace and beauty. May your day be touched by the magic of nature. 


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