My Grandmother’s pearls 


Tonight we visited my mom’s house for Christmas. We had a beautiful dinner, delightful conversation and shared our love and prayers with the world. 

We opened gifts, some homemade and others carefully purchased with love. 

My mom is the most amazing person I have ever met. I have mentioned her before and truly, she is my best friend and I feel blessed to be her daughter. 

Tonight, as I opened the wrapping paper on my last gift, I uncovered a small beautiful green alabaster jar. Opening the lid, I could not believe the contents. My mother had given me my Grandmother’s pearls. I don’t think I have ever been more touched by a gift in my life.

My grandmother Edie was a beautiful, elegant, gracious woman with a beautiful singing voice. She was kind and giving and tended the most beautiful flowers in her back yard. She was married to an Air Force lieutenant colonel. She raised three kids and traveled the world with her family, all the while being a vision of loveliness in her cream colored pearls. 

Tonight her pearls were given to me. I was so overwhelmed as I opened this gift. Am I old enough to take care of these? The pearls looked so beautiful on my mom, why is she giving them to me? I asked my mom, with us both crying, “mom are you sure you want to give these to me”. My mom said, “it’s your time”. 

I don’t know what that means exactly but I know I started standing taller. I hugged my mom as we cried together, so grateful for this precious gift. 

Tonight I feel more connected to the strong legacy of women in my family. If my grandma can raise three kids with a husband at war, then I can raise three kids as a single parent. Maybe “it’s your time” means I’m actually a grown up and I’m doing a pretty good job. 

Grateful and honored don’t even begin to describe the emotions I feel as I run my fingers across the silky strands of pearls. I will do my very best to honor my grandmother and my mother by living fully, and lovingly. I will stand tall as a women of strength, faith and love, just like the women in my family have taught me. 

Thank you to my mom for believing in me and my grandmother Edie for watching over me from above. Merry Christmas. 


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