“Life is hard, but beautiful” 

  One if my favorite quotes this week has been, “Life is hard, but beautiful”. A friend shared this piece of wisdom with me over coffee this week. It has stayed with me, and I’m grateful.

The last few weeks have brought the new challenge, the illness of a loved one. This loved one is special. Imagine the kindest, most loving person you have ever met, that will begin to describe the grace of this one. 

We don’t know what the next journey will be. The western doctors say things like stage 4, prognosis not good. The nathropaths are hopeful, and say nutrition is a top priority. 

I go though moments of disbelief, sadness, confusion and overwhelm – all within the span of a day. 

My friends are amazingly supportive, offering childcare, grocery shopping, and words of wisdom. 

The biggest challenge right now is I don’t feel like I can find solid ground in my life. Like the ground keeps shifting underneath me and it’s hard to find stability.

I know my foundation is solid, grounded in love, faith and service. Now I just need to remind myself of that. 
Today I am taking some time to focus on self care, a big walk, nourishing food, rest, and management of the enormous to do list so that I can be available to spend time with this beautiful loved one who is so precious. 

This week I started to understand my friend’s statement about how life is hard, but beautiful. In the midst of all of this, we have done more singing together, friends have come through to help us, work has had many moments of inspiration and I am learning to navitage this new journey, hopefully with some grace. In all of this, I am grateful. 


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