The workout 

 Somedays in the life are just a workout. Today for example, I got three kids up, made breakfast, and took my daughter to school with her mountain bike in the van. Let me tell you, removing a bicycle from the inside of a minivan in heels is not the easiest thing ever.

I made it to work with oatmeal, coffee and oh yeah, that yogurt I forgot to eat. I was the first in the office and successfully opened the doors with hands full of breakfast, go me!

I went into a leadership meeting from 8:30 to 10:30, followed by an executive cabinet meeting with the president until noon. We walked to lunch, shared fries and salad with a coworker, stopped in on the Mardi Gras party.

Next, a meeting with veterans about scholarships, followed by a visit with the city manager about our new brewing and distilling project. Right before the board of trustees meeting, I got a call from school saying my kid had pushed another kid. Good times. 

The trustee meeting was 3 hours long with reports on diversity, student achievement, faculty and student leadership updates. I only saw 2 deans sleeping. 

As we finished, one of the trustees asked me to stay and talk with her. She sat me down and said she had heard about the illness my family member was dealing with. I was caught off guard, I didn’t tell her, who did? I have been trying to keep my work and personal life separate, so this reminded me that I need to clarify to the coworkers not to share that information.

I composed myself, drove home, and called my mom. When I walked in the house, chaos was an understatement. The boys were wrestling, my daughter was “trying” to do homework, our nanny had made bean burritos (thank goodness). We sat down at dinner and talked about our days. I got cool reports of an artist that visited today, the play and Spanish class. 

After dinner, I spent an hour talking to my son about using his words instead of pushing. We worked on the “when you… I feel… ” language, worked through feelings and talked about tools for success. When I was done with him, I talked to the other 2 individually. Good, family building, caring connections with these amazing growing human beings.

We listened to music, and then at bedtime I tucked them in, gave backrubs and told them each how much I love them. 

The thing is, this life of mine is a workout. I’m exhausted at the end of the day. But it’s a good exhausted, because I know  I helped kids grow today. I know I worked hard for a mission I believe in, loved boldly and sent love from my heart to those too far away to see. 

While I didn’t make it to the gym, I had a great workout today. I’m exhausted on a variety of levels and yet grateful to be a blessing in this day. 

Tomorrow I will wake up, enjoy my workout, and be very grateful for the opportunity. 


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