Life on purpose

 Do you ever feel like you would like the world to stop for a minute so you can catch your breath?

Most of the people I know have kids, a big job and family that they love. They also have interests, hobbies, exercise and friends. How does one human being manage all of this and enjoy living a life they love?

We all talk a lot about balance, stress management and nutrition. All of those are important, but what we should be talking about is how to live each day with a sense of purpose. The kind of purpose that comes from that still inner voice within each of us.

My sense is that most of us are on autopilot, doing the next priority in front of us, until either something happens that wakes us up or we have the chance to be quiet and hear ourselves.

What if we flip that and choose to live our life with intention, on purpose. To do this, we must fill or tank daily by connecting with that “knowing” we all have inside.

The top autopilot excuses I hear are, tired, too busy, work, kids, etc. The list goes on. 

There will never be another day like today. 

For a long time I thought I would work hard and then “arrive” at a blissful place where I had it all figured out. I finally get it, there is no place to run too. There are moments of bliss constantly, we just have to be available to enjoy them. 

The more connected we are to our intentions and the more effective our life toolbox is, the more we can gracefully embrace life’s joys and withstand the struggles. We all have to figure out what those tools are for ourselves through our walk with life. 

A few of my tools are:

Laughter, singing, nature, creativity, walks, play, hope, writing, friendships, baths, Jalapeño cheese puffs, chocolate ice cream, hallmark channel, and sleep.

What’s in your toolbox? Are they tools that build you up and make you feel strong? Or are they less than helpful?  (ie cheese puffs in my case.) 

When we stop running to the mystical land of awesome and realize we have already arrived, things start to change. We focus more on the now and less on the when, we hug deeper, laugh richer and acknowledge that while life isn’t perfect, it’s still amazing.

May you embrace the beauty of today, there will never be another day like today. 


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