A day in the life of the single mom

 It’s remarkable how many things can happen in 12 hours, isn’t it? 

6am got up and dressed, check emails, made breakfast and lunch 

7:30am drove my daughter to school, signed son up for a middle school tour and test date, drive home.

8am drove boys to school, told the teacher one would need to get picked up early, reminded about, lunches, coats, backpacks and having a great day as they got out of the car.

8:30am drive to work. Call my mom, drive through for coffee, call my assistant and work through the schedule.

9am work. Check emails. Meetings at 10 and 11am.

Noon eat an apple while walking to statistics class and talking to my assistant.

1pm warm up lunch, eat while walking to the car, call school and tell them I am on my way to get my kiddo.

1:30pm pick up kiddo and drive to doctor’s appointment 45 min away.

2:20 doc appt, fill out specialist paperwork, appt, doc says kid is normal – thankful. Take a deep breath, possibly the first one today.

3pm drive to local health food store, frittata and smoothie for the kiddo, coffee for mom. 

4pm drive home. Talk to 2 coworkers on the way. 

5pm home, make dinner, do dishes, pack lunches, do statistics homework, check mail.

6pm eat dinner and talk about days, fill out baseball papwrwork, research piano lessons, check emails. 

7pm talk to my mom and dad.

7:30 melt and eat dark chocolate. Then practice lines for the school play with a kiddo.

8pm fix the printer

8:30pm tuck in kids

9pm bath and then sleep

A day in the life. 

It’s not bad, but certainly a challenge some days. The great thing is that everyday is a new gift. 

I am truly so grateful to be able to witness the lives of these three amazing kids. They brighten my life in so many immeasurable ways. While it’s not always easy, I am certainly and always so grateful to be their mom. Single parents: we’ve got this. 



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