Life as Prayer in Action 

In my situation as a single mom with three kids, a big job, and involvement in the community, I get a lot of “you are the busiest person I know” and “I don’t know how you do it all”.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot today. “The busiest person I know” is not really the image I’m going for, but that’s ok. I started to think about why I do everything I do, why I give of my time to so many people and organizations and here’s what I came up with, my life is prayer in action.

Every morning I wake up with this new download of energy. Most mornings I wake up truly being grateful for the new day. My days tend to be full. My iPhone says, it looks like you have a full day ahead with lots of meetings (I wish it wouldn’t say that). Anyways, I get up, get moving and get on with being the best version of myself I can be that day.

I’m teaching my kids to ask themselves “how can I make today amazing” when they wake up. I text them quotes, and remind them how amazing they are as often as I can. My hope is that as life’s challenges arise, they will ride the waves, remember how strong they are and that every new day brings the opportunity to be a blessing, to make the day amazing.

Today I’m a bit on the tired side, it’s a restful Sunday. I started the crockpot, the dishwasher, the laundry. I helped my son start a card game business, my daughter create a song on the guitar, and I helped my son get ready for his first baseball practice of the season.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to be a blessing, it just takes the intention. For example, I’m writing to you from my iPhone as my son practices baseball.

Perhaps my world thinks I’m the busiest person ever but I must say, I would rather be busy being prayer in action that anything else. Do I laugh in my day? All the time. Do my kids brighten my day? Tremendously. Am I tuckered out at the end of the day? Yes. Do I wake up grateful for my life? Yes.

Today I’m living a life that is prayer in action. We all have gifts to give to the world. May you bless others with your gifts and receive caring and love from those around you.


One thought on “Life as Prayer in Action 

  1. How can one read and not respond to this? Beautiful. Inspiring. I think I’m very glad I sat down at at table next to you. “How can I make this day amazing?” Yep, that’s going on my mirror.

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