Life is so precious, live it with love 

over the last 24 hours, a number of challenging things have happened to good people I know. One friend has five broken ribs, another’s kid is in ER and the nursing students on campus are doing a 5 hour earthquake drill. 

I woke up late this morning and rushed around to get ready. At one point I just stopped, called all the kids together with a “30 second kid huddle”. I gave them all big hugs and said, “how much does your mommy love you?”. I’ve been asking that question since they were tiny. I got “so much”, “too the moon and back”, and “a big much”. I asked them how they were going to make today amazing. They said, “be creative and sing”. I said awesome and shared my friend’s family motto which is “there will never be a day just like today”, and then added our motto, “make today amazing”. 

As I dropped them off at school and told them I love them and wished them an amazing day, I hope they know they mean the world to me. I hope the words I’m saying, and the love I give them will be enough to weather whatever life brings them. 

Life is so precious. Hug your babies, tell them how much you love them more often than you think you need to. Life is precious, live it boldly and with love. 


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