I woke up this morning with a cloud raining down on me. I don’t know exactly why, it was just one of those moments.  

I ran through my morning routine, a little pouty. 

Until I remembered, I can choose to be happy. Happiness is not dependant on a guy, wealth, sunny days. Happiness is a choice. An attitude. A way of being. 

I got dressed for work in crazy tights, a gray dress and a hot pink scarf. I put the red lipstick on instead of the neutral “sensible” color. I pulled my hair band out so my natural curls can go crazy. 

I have non-stop meetings today and you know what? That’s fine. I’m going in with flare.

As I park and walk to the office, students walk to classes, talking about climate change, statistics and the creative movement of the paintbrush on the canvas.

As I walk, cherry blossoms wave at me in the light breeze. The clouds linger on the tops of the buildings, embracing them in a good morning hug. 

These are the treasures that brighten my day, reminding me happiness is all around us, we just have to look. 


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