Filling in the pieces 

When we are little, we imagine our life as a dream, castles in far away places, and adventures with challenges and intrigue!

As we grow, if we are fortunate, we get to have adventures that mold and shape who we  are. Our hair grows tendrils of rainforest vines, our clothing smells of incense from the Far East and the glow of a hundred sunsets burns in our eyes.

Our lives may or may not have gone the direction that we envisioned as a child. I know I misplaced my unicorn awhile back and spent some time looking for her. 

It seems to me that some of work in life is about filling in the pieces of what we lost, what got broken, or what we just haven’t had the opportunity to experience yet. 

I heard this amazing saying about the filling in the pieces, it moves me everytime I see it. 

I felt like this broken pottery after my divorce, and then life filled me with gold. I had no idea of the strength and gifts that I had until I went through those challenging moments. Because of it, I feel more real and beautiful than I was before. Beauty can be defined in many ways. To me this pottery is among the most beautiful things I have ever seen. 


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