You are amazing 

 Here’s the thing, you are amazing.

No amout of friends, money, love life or status, is going to change that. 

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is beautiful inside and out. She was having a hard day because she is dating someone new and she was feeling unsure about herself. She was all a twitter with questions about if she was good enough and found herself waiting by the phone for him.

I said this…

Beautiful friend,

You light up any space you inhabit, your caring for the world is love in action and your worth is not measured by some guy texting you back. You pour love out all the time and it will come back to you in just the right season. Put away the phone and get on with living this life you love.

She took what I said to heart and I think it helped a bit. Sometimes I wish I could carry around a giant mirror that shows people how amazing they are. Not all the junk that has attached itself to them along their journey or the self criticism and fear that can creep in. Just the truth, right there in the mirror for them to see. 

As you go through your life today, let the voices of those who love you speak loudly. May you feel uniquely you, special and dearly loved, because you are, and you are amazing. 


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