Hope thrives 

Hope is something we all have. Sometimes we know it, sometimes we forget, sometimes it just needs a little more water to grow.

My family has seen some challenges lately. We have a loved one going through some health challenges and its been new experience for us. We are going through a roller coaster of feelings and we just want everything to be ok.

We went to a doctors appointment this afternoon and got some really great news. We also heard “enjoy the moments” and this feeling of this being more of a journey than we thought. I walked out of there feeling discouraged.

The thing is hope thrives, in all situations. Especially with someone as beautiful as this one. Hope thrives in the darkest corner and in the darkest hour, we just must find it.

Today I found hope in hugs, smells of lemon, children’s laughter, and coloring books. I found it in smiles, the rain, spring trails, and honesty. 

Find your hope. It probably is much closer than you think, and when you find it, don’t let it go. 


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