Uh oh, that was fun 

so I just went out to dinner and a movie with a guy my friend set me up with, and… It totally didn’t suck.

We met for dinner at a pub, laughed a ton, and saw an amazing movie. He was a perfect gentleman and dare I say it, I had fun. 

Now let’s recap the situation, single mom here, working full time, all three kids in sports and then there’s this guy. All cute, athletic and smart, what am I supposed to do with that?! 

I have no idea. Just count my blessings, have fun and shut up already I guess?

Dating as a grownup isn’t easy. We are all balancing a lot in our lives. But I’ve been lucky to have a couple of great loves, so maybe being open to this dude is ok. You never know. So, here goes… 


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