Letter to my next love 

Dear man of my dreams,

I’m a strong and independent woman. I live a big life that is filled to the brim with family, community and giving. 

I wake up everyday and say a prayer of gratitude for the gift of today. 

I eat eggs and spinach every morning. I walk the treadmill and outside as much as I can. Health and wellbeing are important to me.

I love my family fiercely and laugh as much as I can everyday.

I’m a beautiful, kind person and I’m not afraid to admit it. I mess up too and learn the best I can from my mistakes. 

I can get scared starting a new love, be patient with me as my heart rebuilds from past hurts, I’ll get there with your caring.
To love a woman like me means to let me fly, to support my creative spirit and be a grounding presence in the whirlwind of enthusiasm for life that spins in me. 

To be loved by a woman like me means that playfulness, loyalty, honestly and adventure will fill your life and music will surround you daily. 

As we move forward I would ask this of you, if you want to be part of a healthy, strong partnership where we support each other in growning into the best versions of ourselves, I am the right partner for you. 

If you don’t know what you want or if you feel dont want to work on your unhealthy patterns, that’s ok too but I’m not the right woman for you. 

To me, life is for living boldly and with tremendous love and gratitude. To my next partner I say, if you agree, let the adventure begin.


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