So there’s this guy 

How to fall in love and not be terrified while doing it.  I have no idea, the end. Lol

Just kidding.

So there’s this guy. Cute, possibly functional, likes to walk a lot like me. I think he’s been through a lot during his divorce too.

How do two people who might like each other but also are carrying some hurt get together? Very slowly I think.

I like some of the choices he is making, homemade turkey soup, walking to and from work, sending my cute texts to remind me to make it a great day.

Now what? Just keep breathing and put one foot in front of the other I guess.

Opening my heart is scary, but I guess it is for everyone right? So maybe give this dude the benefit of the doubt and keep walking.

My schedule is pretty full lately so I’ve taken to giving him drive by hugs. I show up between work and kids or on the way to the store and there he is arms open. Sometimes that’s all I need to power up for the next part of my day.

Here’s to love. May you have it, and give it generously.


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