One of those days 

When someone says I’m having “one of those days” it seems like such a downer. I make an effort not to say it. I might think ” I’m having a moment” but it’s rare that it carries throughout the day. 

Today I woke up super tired. Yes, it was self inflicted because I stayed up to watch an episode of “Outlander”. I never have time for TV but for some reason last night I decided it was a great plan which led to 6 hours of sleep for a gal who needs 8+.

I woke up after the kids, the cream for my coffee was old, there where no more corn tortillas, so I had black coffee and spinach with eggs for breakfast.

I took all three kids to the dentist. I talked on the phone to several members of my team as the kids were getting their teeth brushed, “please cancel this meeting” and “please get that done by end of day”. The kids teeth looked great, they told us to keep up the flossing, which we don’t do but don’t tell anybody… 

I dropped off kid 1 with her bike, and kids 2 & 3 across town. I called my Dad on the road because he has a broken hand and I wanted to check in on him.

I pulled into a parking spot at the hospital and manuvered out of the passenger seat. Did I mention my driver’s side door stopped working? Anyways, it did. I grabbed my bag and locked the car. I walked away and realized that with the driver’s side door not working, even though I had the key, I couldn’t get back in. I was locked out. 

I walked to the surgical waiting room to wait for my mom’s procedure to be done. I visited with my step-dad and shed a few tears. The doctor came out and said she did great, he couldn’t really see where the Cancer was, but it was a good procedure. 

Mom was tired but in good spirits when I saw her. Being a blessing to the nurses as usual. We visited as she went in and out of sleep in recovery. When we thought we were done she was wheeled out, but it was too soon and we needed to go back and rest more until after awhile she went home to rest. 

I waited for the locksmith, nice guy, got in to my car, drove to the auto shop, and got a shuttle ride to the office.

I had a staff meeting, realized how behind I was, and worked until the shuttle came to get me and take me spend $400 to get my car fixed. 

I picked up a kid from choir, took him to baseball, met a colleague at baseball where she asked me questions for her interview this week. I ate cold scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast (not bad actually) while watching baseball. 

We drove home singing, got gas, cleaned out the car, packed for the overnight trip I forgot we had to pack for.

We opened our package from The Hunger Site, and delighted in our new “be the change” bracelets. We love the idea that when we buy something from them it helps feed those in need. I think we sent something like 200 cups of rice to families in need, so awesome.

So, I tucked in kids, did secret handshakes, called to check on my mom and now I’m ready for a much deserved rest. 

Some might say this was one of those days but honestly, it was just a day with many beautiful parts and a couple of bumps. 

As I go to sleep I can honestly say this was a full day, well lived and a day that holds much to be grateful for. Sweet dreams. 


2 thoughts on “One of those days 

  1. You’re amazing. Really. And inspiring. Thank you. I will strive to have 1/10th of your positive outlook. (Plus I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t admit I don’t floss when the hygienist tells me to keep up the good work.) 😘

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