Patience is a virtue I keep learning 

You know those people who just want to be around you and don’t ever get the hint that you need them to leave? That happened today, again.

I have a person in my life that will make up every excuse in the book to stick around. They are hungry, I feed them. They have a question about the schedule, the newspaper, the latest news, all of which I answer and say repeatedly how late it is and yet, they stick around. I get up, do dishes, start turning off lights, mention how late it is, say how the kids need to go to bed and still they stay. Eventually I just have to say I can’t talk anymore and then they get frustrated. They eventually leave, the kids are just tucked in and they ring the flipping doorbell and hand me a water bottle, granola bar and trash from their car.

Now normally I would ask someone who behaved like this just what in the world they were doing. But in this case I can’t.

Instead, I get to breathe and learn patience. I get to be kind, loving and as calm as I can. I get to be compassionate and try to appreciate this person and their many gifts. Don’t we all do annoying things that we probably don’t even know we do? I just keep thinking to myself, breathe, be patient, how would you like to be treated if you were this person. I believe grownups just like kids, do well when they can and have the best intentions. My mantra is “be patient and kind”. If you say this enough I notice that it actually helps you change your behavior as well.

And so life’s lesson for today seems to be about patience, how it is a virtue and a practice. Here’s to practicing patience and sending love to those who need it.


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