The loves of my life 

These people are my heart. They make me laugh, cry, and they are a big reason why I work to make the world a better place.

Life as a single mom has its challenges. I’m the plumber, handywoman, chef, nurse and chauffeur. There are a variety of benefits that go along with these jobs.

1. Handywoman- it turns out I can fix the garbage disposal, hang christmas lights on the  roof, and dislodge lego pieces from anywhere.

2. Chef- I make some seriously cheese mac n cheese (from a box), I puréed veggies in it when they were young enough not to notice. I can make 4 meals for 1 dinner time, but these days my kids eat most things. I credit the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box and the variety of veggies we were able to enjoy every week last summer.

3. Nurse – oh the fevers I have snuggled through, the band-aids I buy in bulk and the middle of the night “I don’t feel good” moments.

4. Chauffeur- there are days when I feel like I live in the car. The other day I did 85 miles in the city via baseball games, playdates, work, school and home. I own a minivan, and I am not afraid to use it!

5. Plumber – oh the poop I have plunged. It seems like it is usually when I come home in a fancy dress from a community fundraiser. There, like a little welcome home present, is a little project for mom. Yes, you can plunge the toilet in heels I have discovered.

I have listed a few of the challenges of life as a single mom, but truly the gifts and opportunities outweigh these struggles by leaps and bounds. The adventure, laughter and closeness we experience together is without a doubt one of the richest parts of my life.

1. Adventure – From the time they were little, we have been campers. Usually we go with a big group of mamas to both spread the work around and to build community. I have changed many a diaper in the woods before swimming, kayaking or hiking in our beautiful Pacific Northwest. Last year for the first time we went on a camping trip just the four of us. I was nervous but it was out of this world fun. We swam, hiked, made campfires, roasted marshmallows. My mom drove out to go on a hike with us. It was fantastic and brought us even closer together as a little family.

2. Laughter- These kids make me laugh so hard I cry – all the time. Yesterday, something happened and the 4 of us were rolling around on the ground laughing. Someone asked me if I remembered what started it all and I don’t, but boy was it awesome. Sometimes it starts from a joke someone tells, or some silly thing one of us does but often we just crack up and then laugh till the laughter is streaming out of our eyes. It’s the best.

3.  Closeness – We have been a team for almost 10 years now, a single mama and her three sweeties. I am so grateful for the closeness we have developed. We sing together, play games, watch movies all in this cozy space we have co-created.Sure there are moments when I am tired or someone is driving the other one crazy but mostly, we are a close little family who care about each other. As we speak, my 2 boys are doing magic tricks on the floor after we all ate cold pizza at the table and watched the rain outside.

If you haven’t noticed by now, in my opinion, my cup is very full. Full of love, from this life I share, with the loves of my life.


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