Love yourself dearly 

Wisdom throughout the ages has shared with us many truths. Certainly there is “be kind to one another”, “be honest”, “share your bounty” and many others.

Tonight I would like to focus on the truth “love yourself dearly”. I heard once that you should treat yourself the way you would treat a dear loved one. Would you bring tea to warm the soul, hugs to bandage the hurt, or laugher to spread the joy? Would you give yourself the benefit of the doubt? Would you listen intently to the pain that wants to be heard?

These are tough questions when I put myself to the task of answering them. There are certain things I do well to show myself I care, and other areas that have room for improvement.

How do you show yourself kindness and compassion? If you were a car, would your tires be worn down, your gas tank empty and trash all over the car? If this is the case, it’s time to give yourself some attention. What is it you need to restore your strength? A bath, some chocolate, a visit with a friend, a walk? Today for me has been about self-compassion. I have a lot going on and it is time to slow it down. I have been wearing my pajamas all day, I have written 4 blog posts because sometimes I just need to get it all out. I drank coffee and ate cold pizza for lunch which was fabulous. I cleaned the house, found a couple of books I want to read and just let go. I let go of expectations, and welcomed peace. I noticed the birdsong and the raindrops on the vibrant greenery outside. I cleaned my desk instead of one of the kids. I just breathed and then breathed some more. It was magic.

Whatever your life looks like at the moment, and whatever your life comes to hold, remember you must always love yourself dearly. You are the only you that you have. Yes some people might have partners that show them tenderness with flowers or kindness and that is so wonderful. If you are flying solo at the moment like me, bring yourself flowers, take yourself to the movies and be the best date in the world to yourself. Then you will feel the same sense of love surrounding you.

So as this pajama day continues, I give thanks for those who care about me and remind me to take sometime just to be. This day, may you be kind to yourself and love yourself dearly.


2 thoughts on “Love yourself dearly 

  1. Beautifully Written – Hope your pyjama day left you feeling refreshed and renewed – thank you for the reminder – Self Love is so often over-looked and under-rated – I love the positive message you always send out – Blessings 🙂

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