My Hero 

Today I spent a moment, 

with my hero. 

Surrounded in pastel hues, 

this gentle spirit sat with me, 

for a few minutes. 

My day, 

full of complexities,

forgotten at the door. 


like I have never seen, 


that fills the room with light. 


And Grace. 

Strength, and victory, 

are her middle names. 

She navigates life

guided by love. 

She has experienced challenges, 

Some small, 

Others larger.

And yet, 

in the midst of all this, 

she spreads love.


The essence of rose pedals, 

floating behind her,

Wherever she goes. 

Her hair,

the most beautiful, 

Angel white, 

I have ever seen. 

She astonishes me, 


This hero,

Is my mom.  

And I, 

am so honored, 

To be her daughter. 


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